Bigger Better Sun - bbs
Bigger Better Sun - bbs

Bigger Better Sun

Bigger Better Sun - bbs

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Size:Green/Black/White Tricolor 12" Vinyl

Kind of like the episode of The Office where Michael Scott says if his new paper company goes under he’ll just start another and another, except with songs and bands. There is a right of passage on Long Island to start a band in high school to escape dread but it turns out dread keeps coming and they don’t know if they can stop now. Recording out of producer/guitarist Billy Mannino’s Two Worlds Recording Studio, the band of 3 fixators take time to explore whatever genre they’re into at the time, then apply and combine them on to bare bone sketches of songs. Usually on to the next before the first is finished, the band are in a constant state of flux. Their progress is almost never linear. Writing and recording ends on a note of reluctant acceptance rather than perfection. On to the next one.


  1. Grandma Nominated
  2. Celebration Song
  3. Block Party
  4. Ivy
  5. Devil Worship
  6. Push to Bend
  7. Tiny Room
  8. Crash
  9. Dream Boy
  10. Postscript
  11. Crushed
  12. Things Changing
  13. Gameshow Host

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Green/Black/White Tricolor /250

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