Long Armed Bill's Summer Comp (Vol. 1)

Long Armed Bill's Summer Comp (Vol. 1)

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Long Armed Bill’s Summer Comp is an absurdly titled vinyl compilation record organized yearly by Slang Church collective member Billy Bouzos. The comp is a fundraising campaign for the scholarship fund at Big Minds - an attachment-based, community-focused, non-traditional 1-8th grade special ed program in the San Francisco Bay Area, which Billy runs as the operations & development director. All tracks are either unreleased, written specifically for the comp, or are unique alternate versions you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Volume 1 features songs from Mom Jeans., Just Friends, Small Crush, Walter Etc., Carpool Tunnel, & more!

You can learn more about Big Minds at https://www.bigmindsunschool.org/

1) Kevin Nichols - “Adrian"
2) Long Neck - “Gumline (Livia Soprano)"
3) Mom Jeans. - “Edward 40hands” (Brunch Tunes)
4) Small Crush - “Reflection"
5) Snooze - “Workday"
6) Walter Etc. - “Full Body Yawn” (Brunch Tunes)
7) Just Friends - “Bad Weather"
8) Sarchasm - “Scotty” (Brunch Tunes)
9) Carpool Tunnel - “Gravity"
10) Surrounder - “(Acoustic Song)"