Pictures of Vernon - Pictures of Vernon EP
Pictures of Vernon - Pictures of Vernon EP

Pictures of Vernon

Pictures of Vernon - Pictures of Vernon EP

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Vinyl is one sided with a silkscreened b-side & ships just after the may 5th release date

NC based 3-piece emo-alternative rock band, Pictures of Vernon, are releasing their 2nd EP with us!! so sick!! This band has crazy potential. Get it while it's hot!! shirts and vinyl

1. Mr. Alwaysright
2. Krelboyne Picnic
3. Public School
4. Forever Please
5. This Is Water


Indie rock in 2017 either attempts to surmount unease, or at least make sense of it. For Pictures of Vernon, the two years between The Days are Just Packed – an elastic, snarling set of tracks toeing the line dividing garage demo from well-intentioned debut – and their self-titled follow-up were full of shifting moments. The North Carolina trio, headed by primary songwriter Anderson Ragan, balanced evolving their higher education and songwriting craft, only to channel that tug-of-war – and their eventual departures from college – into tense, concise lyricism. "Krelboyne Picnic" chronicles Ragan's dropout year with frantic bursts of throbbing guitar, while "This is Water" experiments with glittering pedal play and an ominous rhythm section to close out the action with a muted coda. Rather than explode their statements past their breaking points, the sentiments here are unleashed in measured time, even with "Public School" and its shrieking vocals finding their blown fuse too soon. As five songs that meld together emo, post-hardcore, and of course indie rock's nebulous platform, Pictures of Vernon has painted a new portrait, and it's one that allows them to move past their own problems.

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