Plainclothes - Dog Logic 10"
Plainclothes - Dog Logic 10"


Plainclothes - Dog Logic 10"

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Philosophies on misanthropy are a specialty of this Massachusetts indie rock 3-piece, but they allow hope to linger long enough to feel like maybe we all can become whole again. Wasting no time on this quick 18 minute debut release, Plainclothes packs it full of ideas that can only be produced by living through and analyzing their most formative years... and reading a few of Kant's essays along the way. Recorded and Mastered by Ian van Opijnen at Echoroom Recording.

1. Poodles and Pool Noodles
2. Burt Reynolds, Burnt Candles
3. Luftwaffe Pigeon
4. Albert Einstein
5. Crouton Cracker Jacks
6. Julia's Caesar Salad
7. Irrelevant Skeletons
8. Saltine Crackers
9. Categorical Imperative

Album release: 9.1.15

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Limited number of test presses available for purchase. Handmade cover, hand numbered /25.

I have some extra copies of the album that were damaged in shipping. Those are up for cheap. Most have a split seam ranging from 1-2 inches along the top. It's really not that bad


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1st Press:
/150 Transparent Blue
/150 Cloudy Clear