State Lines - For The Boats
State Lines - For The Boats

State Lines

State Lines - For The Boats

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1. For The Boats
2. The Same Mistake
3. Water Song
4. Shady Existence
5. Linger
6. Shit For Brains
7. For The Ears
8. Kids
9. Garages
10. Indian Burn
11. Tuesday Morning
12. Where It's Warm

Yeah, well there is a shady existence and both you and I are living in it
There's a price that we pay to just get paid
It's a subtle toll creeping on me everyday
So with some apprehension, I comply and realize
That it'd be better to die than waste my time trying to implement change

Now with not much distance there is little resistance to turn 20 in weeks
20 owing money to a university that's doing nothing but putting me to sleep
So I just sleep for days till I wake up with my head in a total haze
It's not a way of life but it sure is safe
Safer than facing the day just to see the reality of the air I used to breathe
But not now I wheeze and heave on air that's no less clean

Still, there's a life I have and keep on pushing on
Convinced there might be something in these songs
No it's nothing commercial, nothing political
It's barely contrived, no it's me telling some kid through a microphone
He might be fucked in the head but he's not alone

"Oh, we've gotta take this slow"
I was singing alone, I was singing these songs
Oh won't you take me home?
I'm just seeing stars, I'm just singing those songs

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105 White w/ Red & Blue Starburst
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