Who Loves You - Green & Tangerine
Who Loves You - Green & Tangerine

Who Loves You

Who Loves You - Green & Tangerine

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Size:Black 12" Vinyl


This 12" vinyl will feature a screen printed B side of the album art.

"This introspective bullshit always forgets that I am the person I continue to be." Hot dang this band is good. Seriously, this is raw emo/punk at its finest. Bird and Parker killed it on this one, this album is beautifully dark and depressing. Most of these songs are quick & they are all certified bangers™ & we got vinyl and CDs for all you physical media lovers.

1. hum along in perfect pitch (a crack echoes through the universe in defiance of conventional physics as cosmological background noise shifts from randomness to a perfect a flat)
2. primer
3. die on your birthday
4. nosebleed
5. ten year shitshow
6. the winter
7. green over blue (dog daze)
8. adam broke a mirror and ruined my fucking life

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